Saturday, December 13, 2014

The blame game

It's always easy to blame someone else or outside force for our actions. we hear people tell us all the time "my father never said nice words to me". "my uncle abused me". "i grew up in an unpleasantly rough environment". "people always talk me down". "nobody encouraged me". "nobody cares about me". "i trusted X and X hurt me".
  This situations are of course very sad, and its terrible to have to go through all this in live, but its not an excuse to remain in bondage neither is it enough reason to blame people for our behavior.
Do you realize that whatever situation  they put you in is not their set back neither does it stop them from being greater? stop complaining and telling everyone how they made you stagnant or how they made you approach life negatively, it never helps.
   2corinthians 12:9 "my grace is made sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness"
 Instead of ACCEPTING there is a problem, there is a weakness, there is something not right, we make our problems and weaknesses our greatest excuse. This is soo wrong, no matter what happens, we should not make any excuse to remain stagnant, we might be weak but God is strong and he is willing to strengthen us in our weaknesses. If we will trust him and accept there is a weakness, he will help us break free from it.
  During the summer period, i went to a bookshop to print out my slides using a flash drive, apparently their system had virus, unknowingly, i inserted my flash drive into their system and the virus was transferred, i went home and inserted the same flash drive into my system and the virus was transferred into my system.This affected my system, each time i turned it on, it took forever to boot, my internet was slow, i will save documents and they are no where to be found, everything about my system was slow, i was just struggling with the system only me, it was annoying, i knew there was a  problem, for close to a month i kept on complaining, telling everyone "that annoying bookshop transferred virus into my flash drive, my system got the virus and now its acting slow, i can't do anything with it, my lab reports are pending..blablabla" and they will say "aiyaa sorry, i can imagine how annoying". instead of looking for someone to install anti-virus, i was playing the blame game, so that they will know why i couldn't be efficient.
     Isn't that sometimes how it works with God's people? we know the way of escape but we seem paralyzed or we blame someone or something for our inability to move or we are too lazy to move.
   Now back to my system, i was too busy, i couldn't make out time to fix it, but the longer the virus stayed on my system the more damage it caused, the slower it became, the more ineffective and the more frustrated i felt. after a while, it occurred to me that if i didn't do anything about the situation, my system was soon gonna crash, when it was getting to  that, i looked for help and fortunately i got helped by a friend, who installed anti virus and now my system is perfect. This is the same  thing with us, we are too busy or lazy to tell God to help us out in our weaknesses and because of that we are frustrated, vulnerable, weak and ineffective in life.
Just as the anti-virus installed in my system cleared the virus which was making the system weak, slow and ineffective, that is how God's power clears our weaknesses which limits us in life from achieving all we are suppose to achieve, just as i had to take responsibility to ask someone to install anti-virus to clear the virus in my system, we HAVE TO take responsibility to ask God to help us out in our weaknesses and stop shifting blames, looking for pity or ignoring situations, we need to believe the power of God's word that declares that He will deliver us from every challenge.
    Every area of your life that you are struggling with In Jesus name you are set free. And it is done.