Thursday, October 29, 2015

why struggle?

Maria: i knew i was going to find a cheap iron here... why will they tell me iron cost this much.. lets go for the one that cost less.
Abimbola: I think we should just get other things and when we get money we will come back to get the expensive iron 
Maria: bimbo... naaaaaa why should we come back when they serve the same purpose, its an iron, it will definitely be hot... so lets pick it
Abimbola: OKAY
Maria: YEA... 
    We finally got the iron...and i was very excited... "yes......we got the iron, i am excited about it, i can't wait to make use of it"...... and i said this over and over again while we headed home... 
  here is my TO DO LIST for the next day 
Go to school in the morning 
come back home during break 
iron your lab coat for todays lab
eat your lunch 
use the next bus back to school
    so yea i came back home during the break to iron my lab coat with my new iron that i couldnt wait to use...... i set the table, ready to iron... i put the iron on for close to 10mins... it was just warm... i put it on my lab cloth and tried ironing... it was wasting my time.... it was just warm...i was getting really impatient with it..i tried and tried and tried, it just managed to make the lab coat less rumpled... after ironing for 30mins..all i achieved was a less rumpled cloth.... i was almost late for the bus, didnt even have the time to eat my lunch.. i just dropped the iron some where and didnt say anything about it to my room mate... LOOOLLLLL #shame#.. 
       While struggling with my iron and my lab coat... GOD now decided to be gisting with me, He said just the way you are struggling with this iron, that is the same way alot of humans are struggling to live right, struggling to be great, struggling with sin, struggling with addiction and after all the struggle, the end up with a less rumpled lives, this is becuase they are as warm as this iron. No hotness to straighten their lives... 
      The decisions we make are very important, i went for the cheaper iron believing it would serve same purpose with the expensive one which obviously would have been hotter and more effective. you dont expect to take cheap decisions and expect to get same result with a person that takes expensive decison, neither do you expect to make cheap sacrifice when you can do better and expect to get the same result as a person that went out of their way to make expensive sacrifice, live is this way... 
      Stop sturggling to be right, stop struggling to be great stop struggling to break from addictions.... STOP STRUGGLING... God did not call us to Struggle... why you are struggling is because you are lukewarm... you only struggle to straighten things when the fire to straighten it is warm... but when it is hot... it would straighten it perfectly well and in a short period of time... Long for FRESH FIRE from God..... once the FIRE is on.... life becomes very easier.. you are working hard but you are not struggling... when the FIRE is on..that is when we experince GRACE ( live above sin and struggle)
  I LOVE YOU and my desire for you is to live above STRUGGLES.... 
  I pray that the fresh fire of God to live above struggles come on you right now...AMEN as you Receive.  And remember not to make cheap decisions. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015


According to biblical record, there is a pool in Jerusalem called Bethesda, in this pool lay a great multitude of people, the blind, lame, paralyzed waiting for the water to move. An angel went down the pool and stirred it at a particular season whosoever went down the pool first after the stirring is made whole. John5:1-5
    while i read the scripture i looked out to see if they mentioned the content in the pool of bethesda that the angel went to stir, but i didnt get any of such information. The scripture mentioned that once the angel stirred the water, the first entered and received healing. from my personal analogy, i assumed that once the angel stirred the water, the first person got into the water and contacted every content stirred out of the water and got healed as a result.
   WOW..... great scripture
   i want you to say this words slowly and carefully..... i have every content i need for Life and Godliness all i need is a stirring....
      i dont care what the condition is or the challenge is, you dont need more laying of hands, you dont need more prophecies, you dont need more sympathies, you dont need more excuses... what you need is just to stir that thing in you.. "they waited for the water to move" that means as long as the pool water was still it didnt bring forth result...... heyyyyyyyy trouble the God given annointing in... stirr the healing power in you, stir the fruit of the spirit in you... stir until something happens...
      i am not a bit surprised when people go to church and they cry while worshipping or make decisions to be better people or pray with their whole heart, or get new revelation for their life ....and all of that...then just after the service or before the week runs out, their lives go back to normal, no change is evident... its simply because there was a moment of stirring while in church and after that moment in His Presence, the content that provoked the act settles back in them....
     i need you to know that everything you need in the life is in you.... just take your time and stir it out... stir the talent, stir that good character, stir that prosperity that Christ has put in you... in you lies  RIVERS of living water, not even a pool.. trouble the water.. let it flow.. let the water gush out into every part of your life.... the rivers in you are too still, the content needs to be shaken.... STIRRRRRR
                            HOW CAN I STIR??
There are lots of ways to stir the God given content but i would list this basic ones.. and i am sure of your testimony: Read God's word and understand it(very important you understand what God's word says about you), prayer and intense worship. This would give your life a meaning
                            THANKS FOR READING.
                             I LOVE YOU.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Royal law........

Hello... I am so sorry, I know it's been long since I came here...
Okay lemme share a bit of my thought with you.
  Sometime ago, my friend posted something on her profile.. It read "Queens don't chase, because when they do, their crowns fall off"... First expression was Wow... Nice... But my second thought cut the expreasion short... Which was
  KINGS also wear if Queens don't chase because their crowns will fall, Kings are also not suppose to chase cause their crowns will also fall...considering the fact that they even wear heavier crowns....
 So who is now suppose to chase... For close to 10mins I had no answer... But after thinking for a while... I got an answer and it is really simple....
 This was where my answer came from.... Christ came to the world for his bride, and Christ who is the groom is a a matter of fact, the king of all kings... When he came to the world, he didnt come with his crown, he didn't come with his title, he came as a mere man, dressed in the best attire to get his target which was his bride... And once he achieved that, he went back to his kingdom and continued living as a King....and the other details follow..
     Kings don't go after their brides with their crowns or title or their right.... Christ illustrated that perfectly for us...they remove their crowns before going for their search...
   ladies are not designed to run after guys or chase after guys in anyway.. Hey beautiful lady... You can't have him that way, even if you get can't keep him for long.. What happens when you chase after a guy is your crown falls and you loose your beauty in his sight... Your glory is robbed off... Chasing him will never work my darling..
This is the life of a queen..
   Hi king, taking off your crown and going after a lady does not be little you, it does not make you less of a King, it does not reduce your title, after christ did what he did for his bride, when he won her, His bride saw the king in Him, worshipped him and adored him..
This is the life of a King...
Okay byeee I didn't want to write plenty complicate the simple truth..I hope this is clear enough.. I love you

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Who is Jesus?

hello  i know this question might look rhetorical, i really don't know where it popped up from but recently, i found myself sincerely asking this question... because all this while, i accepted Jesus into my life, the basis and the reasons for accepting him was the fact that he was the son of God, he died for my sins, accepting him makes me perfect and lots more, which is more than enough reason to worship Him and Praise Him everyday... but somewhere inside of me, i knew there was something deeper... there was a concept behind accepting Jesus, especially when i realized that religion makes one look perfect outside but no work is done inside (a topic of its own)....without deviating too much...
who is Jesus?
what is the concept of me accepting Jesus?
How does accepting Jesus make me perfect?
 And i was just meditating on the scriptures and God began to teach me who Jesus was
for the very first time in my life, i knew who i really accepted into my life.
for the very first time in my life i understood the power of accepting Jesus
for the very first time in my life, eternal life, love, perfection, grace, faith made total sense to me.
A man was FORMED from DUST and he was called Adam, a woman was FORMED from Adam's RIB and was called eve..  Another man was FORMED from LIGHT and he was called Jesus... and the scripture said he was the light of the word. The name Jesus was the name given to God's light who was formed into Human....and the meaning of that name is God's power from John 17:11
When you accept Jesus into your life, you accept the power of  God's light into your life.
Jesus is more than human, he is LIGHT in human form
When you accept Jesus into your life, you accept the power of God's light into your life to overwhelm darkness of every kind
when you accept Jesus into your life, you accept the power of God's light to brighten you up during those dark moments
when you accept Jesus into your life, you accept the power of God's light to lift you above religion
when you accept Jesus into your life, you accept the power of God's light to lift you above those challenges, the fears, the addiction
when you accept Jesus into your life, you accept the power of God's light to overwhelm you with HIS glory.....
every single person that comes in contact with Jesus is transformed from the inside out...
Jesus has come to your life to make you one with Him....
And so many other things that He has come to do for you and of course for me too
I am so thankful to God for sending Jesus Christ to die for me and also for giving  ME the opportunity to accept HIM.
If you just received a new revelation from this message about who Jesus is,  please say this simple prayer from your heart and with full understanding of who you are receiving...
I accept Jesus into my life to make me whole and totally complete.... Amen..
There is more to Him... and as i find out more about his personality, i would come here and share with you.... thanks for reading....

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

stop stealing glances

i was faced with a challenge sometime ago
i spoke about it to my friends they couldn't help
i prayed about it, God spoke to me but i ignored it cause it wasn't what i wanted at the moment
i thought deeply about the situation, thoughts only drained my energy
it was strange, i couldn't just understand why i was not able to deal with it
everything felt wrong 
i picked up my pen and my journal and asked God to speak to me again about the situation
and He took me to  Mathew 14:29-30 
verse 30 says when peter SAW the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, lord, save me.
  so many times we are praying to God for help, but our eyes are somewhere else, we are saying Lord bring me out of it, but we are stealing glances at it, you are saying father i dont wanna be hear anymore, but every single time you think, look, speak, its about that place 
 where your focus is, your heart magnifies, you cant magnify things without focus
God wants to raise us up but we are too comfortable complaining
God wants to express his perfect love, but we are craving for man's imperfect love
the challenge is not really the problem
the pain is not really the problem
the delay is not really the problem 
the main problem is our readiness to step out of a situation 
the problem is we want our feelings,thoughts, state of mind to control the situation morethan we want God to control the situation
the problem is the fear to change
the problem is we don't hate the condition more than we want the change 
the problem is the direction of our focus
the problem is where the treasure lye
the problem is its too good to let go but if you don't let go something good causing a major harm, you cant get the best. "you cant put old wine into new wine skin"
 we need to change where the treasure lye so that our heart will change location of its magnification. 
we need to trust God to fix things perfectly, we need to get over the fear of, if we lean on God we would loose ''something". focusing on the problem creates a state of impossibility, focusing on God creates a channel of endless possibility.
we need to trust God more.
focus on what God can do concerning the situation and not what the situation is doing to you.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Access to change

lets stop blaming Adam and Eve for their actions,
 every havoc they caused, Jesus fixed.
Jesus reversed every curse,
 He reunited us with God. 
Every curse has become a Blessing 
We have access to all the trees in the garden
Trees in the bible signify greatness
you can eat of the tree of success, joy, peace
abundance, authority, LOVE
The tree of Life which is greater than all trees is made accessible
The tree of life signify living God's way of life 
It is for free of charge. you don't need to pay for it 
Jesus paid for it already
living God's way of life is not just accessible to Men of God
It is made available for you too 
victory is made available for you 
Joy is made available 
Peace is made available for you 
Right living is made available
  So many times i hear people say i am a man or woman under God's construction
that is nepios statement. you are not ready for change because it does not take God years or centuries to construct anyone. He is done with his construction work and He has made it available to you. 
 let me give an illustration, you payed to start gym. once you pay, you have access to the gym, every single gym equipment is made available to you,its your choice to use them or not to use them, you cant start blaming the gym accountant if you don't build up because you refuse to use the gym equipment. That's same with God, Jesus has paid the price, we have access to God's way of life,
we have access to peace, joy, selfcontrol, greatness, riches, abundance, authority, holiness, every single thing. 
you have access to change..
once you make up your mind, start using everything made available to you by Jesus
start using the opportunity to have constant fellowship with God, His word, start living His life.
 It is possible everything is possible.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

war against the mind

HI..... there is only one you, you don't have the same potential as your friend, sister, brother, role model... there is only one of you in the world, you have to find your own way, the beauty of your uniqueness is doing what has never been done, why is someone else dictating your life and thoughts? why are you letting the media encourage you to be who you are not? why are you doing what every other person is doing? why are you so captivated with living other people's dreams and visions? why are you afraid to live your own life,? why do you think doing it your own way is not the best? why do you think the world do not need your idea? why are you  struggling to be who people expect you to be? why do you let people around you hold you back? why are you waiting to be perfect before becoming something in life? why are you waiting for convenience, opportunities to move you? why do you let excuses bound you? excuses get you zero percent closer to your goals. its cool to be a dreamer but don't stop there, live your dream.
    control situations, don't let situations control you. its not about what you stop doing to avoid a situation, its about what you start doing to overcome a situation.
Now, once upon a time, i was trying to control my body fat, i went on a diet, stopped eating like almost everything, was faithful with that for a while and of cause, i lost lots of weight, but along with the benefit came its side effects ( depression, hunger, fatigue and all those). I couldn't just keep up. Dieting didn't work, i had to look for an alternative which was registering in a gym. I got an instructor and she asked me what i wanted and i told her i needed to cut down body fat so i could be firm,she told me what i had to do, she put me through, the first days were really horrible because i woke up with pains, each time my body said stay back home, i remembered that i was not far away from meeting my needs, my instructor also encouraged me, she always told everyone how she loved me, how clever i was and all those nice things. The fact that she thought highly of me kept me going.

  energy that will cause change 
  putting ourselves on trial, being hard on ourselves, making empty promises, talking too much wont change our thinking, mindset or things we are struggling to get rid off, it would only ensure we repeat the cycle.  stop willing to stop because you wont, your challenges are your weaknesses, what you need is more than willing and wanting and hoping, you need the strength to stop. There is a need for increase in energy, you need an energy that will make you live above those things.
    importance of mind muscles
 one thing  the muscles does is eat up fat, during training, they encourage people to exercise with dumbbells to build up muscles. what you need do is to build up muscles in the mind to eat up all those things that are obstructing your firmness. you can like to change all you want, if you don't build mind muscles, sorry no change can take place in your life, you would keep repeating cycle, because a trained mind is needed to make decisions.
 "guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life"ps.4:23
  my trainer was my inspiration, because she said wonderful things about me it encouraged me to continue moving despite the pain and she also directed me and supervised me. According to the above passage, the life and reality you are experiencing is as a result of your thought, this wonderful quote is from the word GOD which is our number 1 mind muscle builder. if you focus on your weakness and excuses you remain powerless and your motion to greatness remains at rest, but if you focus on God's love for you, you keep meditating on the nice words he has spoken about you and his direction for your life, it will energize your mind and this will quicken you to rise above weakness. The power of our mind translates the ability to focus on greatness.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


 Here is another year of making new resolutions
 A time we write down all the things
 we wish to do,
 A time we wish to make new friends and exit old ones
A time we promise ourselves to be more serious
 I personally can't do without making new resolutions, i do this because i love targeting my life, i do it more frequent than once in a year, but i do it at the beginning of every year because its NEW, new decisions, new date, new everything. Its a personal culture and mindset though.
I write down all the habits i wish to stop in my new journal for that year, how to stop those bad habits and maybe good habits to replace. Before, i learnt how to do it the right way, i would write down everything in my journal on 31st night and i would keep to this for at least 1 month and everything goes back to normal.
     Make sure you continue reading, because i will eventually say why it happens this way. but before i go into that, i would share something i learnt which links to the reason why we cant keep to our new resolution.
     The bible says that "we are the body of Christ". when i read this and i thought deeply about it in my prayer, i saw something remarkable. It took me back to when God sent Adam to sleep to create eve (his bride) and after which both of them came to life. Now God gave His son Jesus to die for us.It is beyond just dying, i believe when he was dead (asleep) God was recreating us just the same way he was creating eve while Adam was alseep, He recreated us with Jesus body and after that we were called Christ's bride, just the way eve was Adam's bride.because of this, you are no longer Adams body but Jesus Chris'st body body.
And the bible also says we are the body and Christ is the Head.\On the head that is where the eyes are, which makes Christ the seer of everything, that's where the mouth is which makes Christ the one with authority, the ear is also there which makes Christ the hearer and most importantly, inside the head, we have the brain where all information are stored, the brain is the major control network for the body's functions and abilities, the brain has conscious communication with our body and automatic operation of vital organs.The brain receives information from the rest of the body, interpret that information and then guide the body's response to it. The connection between the human body is just a little example that describes the relationship between WE, the body of Christ OUR head.
  Most of the time, we make decisions concerning the new year without asking Christ what he is seeing or hearing and we also make decisions without using the authority (the name of Jesus Christ) To seal it. How do you expect to keep to such decisions?? okay lets assume you can function without eyes, ears, or mouth,
How can you function without the brain, which controls your feelings and its actions. We are frustrated when we don't put Christ in our resolution  because Christ is the brain that controls our body and its actions, He is the one that tells us how to go about it, Most of the time excitement and energy for the next year stir us up and we rush into making resolutions without involving Jesus the Christ.
     I encourage you to involve Christ this year when making your resolution and you would stop struggling. And if you are not born again, BORN AGAIN is not a religious word it means you were born before with Adam's life (with Adam's body) and now, you are born the second time with Christ life ( Christ body). you can only involve Christ when you get born again. You can just say this prayer sincerely, mean every single thing you say please because it is important.
 Dear God in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness.

I believe that your only begotten Son Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and I am now willing to turn from my sin.

You said in Your Holy Word, Romans 10:9 that if we confess the Lord our God and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved.

Right now I confess Jesus as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved.

Thank you Jesus for your unlimited grace which has saved me from my sins. I thank you Jesus that your grace never leads to license, but rather it always leads to repentance. Therefore Lord Jesus transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you alone and not to myself.

Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life.