Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I wanna be real beautiful

beauty is outward and inward
beauty is flesh and spirit 
beauty comes from your inner chasis 
beauty is truth's smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror
beauty is a light in the heart
beauty is endless 
beauty is physical 
    in our beauty obsessed culture, every time we open a magazine, turn on tv, search internet, watch movies, we see how far our personal reality is from the standard perpetuated by the media because of this we are dissatisfied with who we are, full of jealousy, envy, competition nobody can win, endless chase. i personally longed and hungered for beauty and i began to tell GOD "LORD I WANNA BE REAL BEAUTIFUL''. Telling God i wanted to be real beautiful was one of the best step i ever took because He opened my eyes to realities that brought light into my heart, peace into my mind,  and introduced smile in my soul. I say REALITY because it was beyond knowledge, it was beyond understanding, it was beyond thoughts,it was so REAL that it transformed my memoir, my existence, my biography...
 I realized that beauty is a chain that starts from inside and ends outside:
 beauty is giving your life to Christ, giving your life to Christ is letting love into your life, letting love into your life is same as letting the spirit of God into your life, letting the spirit of God into your life means you have to submit to let Him rule, letting Him rule is Letting Him to mold you, letting Him mold you is letting Him lighten up your character, letting Him lighten up your character is letting Him reflect His glory through you, letting Him reflect His glory through you is reflecting a beauty that does not get shabby, frayed, it is reflecting a beauty that transmutes life, it is reflecting a beauty that will foster other beauties.
  when this reality dawned on me, i began speaking myself out of wrong mindset and started preaching real beauty to myself...I encourage YOU breakout of insecurity, let GOD in to preach beauty to you so you can re-preach to yourself and other folks around you..
                                                                                                               Maria Itodo


Saturday, September 20, 2014


   Royalty is a usage based payment made by one party (the "License") to another (the "Licensor") for the right to ongoing use of an asset.

   To be royalty is indeed to be very privileged. I used to think that royals enjoy lavish lifestyles in opulent palaces, with countless servants on hand to take care of their every need. I used to imagine royals as those that wear purple clothes and jewelries made with real gold and silver. well this is not a wrong description of someone from a royal family but my imagination disqualified me from this category of being "Royal" ... until i realized it was more than this. 

   Royalty according to the scriptures did something for me that qualified me into the royal family. The Royalty of Jesus Christ who paid the price for me to enjoy the kingdom life, He took away our sins and it's power which made us slaves and gave us His life, ... wow. His royal life which qualified me to be Royal. The day i realized this i started calling myself royalty.

   In Christ, royalty means living right, thinking right, acting right, being in charge, not letting the things of this world take a hold of you, being full of good character, carrying yourself with so much dignity, not mingling around wrongs, not letting bad corrupt your character. This is how i see royalty. When you live the kingdom life, the Christ like life which is the royal life, people will treat you with so much dignity respect, value and you won't need to employ servants to serve you like the worldly royal families, but people will serve you without you asking them to serve.
   If you have the life of Christ, you are royalty ..., look at yourself in the mirror and say "I might not be Queen Elizabeth and her family who frequently take trips on board Britannica, the royal yacht, but I am Royalty and today i would take a trip that would draw me closer to Christ. I might not be wearing the most clothes, carrying the most expensive phone, driving the most expensive car, living in the most expensive house, but I am royalty because Christ has given me His life - I AM ROYALTY, i don't care what you think about me, it's what i know about me and all i know is I AM ROYALTY"
Maria Itodo