Wednesday, February 11, 2015

war against the mind

HI..... there is only one you, you don't have the same potential as your friend, sister, brother, role model... there is only one of you in the world, you have to find your own way, the beauty of your uniqueness is doing what has never been done, why is someone else dictating your life and thoughts? why are you letting the media encourage you to be who you are not? why are you doing what every other person is doing? why are you so captivated with living other people's dreams and visions? why are you afraid to live your own life,? why do you think doing it your own way is not the best? why do you think the world do not need your idea? why are you  struggling to be who people expect you to be? why do you let people around you hold you back? why are you waiting to be perfect before becoming something in life? why are you waiting for convenience, opportunities to move you? why do you let excuses bound you? excuses get you zero percent closer to your goals. its cool to be a dreamer but don't stop there, live your dream.
    control situations, don't let situations control you. its not about what you stop doing to avoid a situation, its about what you start doing to overcome a situation.
Now, once upon a time, i was trying to control my body fat, i went on a diet, stopped eating like almost everything, was faithful with that for a while and of cause, i lost lots of weight, but along with the benefit came its side effects ( depression, hunger, fatigue and all those). I couldn't just keep up. Dieting didn't work, i had to look for an alternative which was registering in a gym. I got an instructor and she asked me what i wanted and i told her i needed to cut down body fat so i could be firm,she told me what i had to do, she put me through, the first days were really horrible because i woke up with pains, each time my body said stay back home, i remembered that i was not far away from meeting my needs, my instructor also encouraged me, she always told everyone how she loved me, how clever i was and all those nice things. The fact that she thought highly of me kept me going.

  energy that will cause change 
  putting ourselves on trial, being hard on ourselves, making empty promises, talking too much wont change our thinking, mindset or things we are struggling to get rid off, it would only ensure we repeat the cycle.  stop willing to stop because you wont, your challenges are your weaknesses, what you need is more than willing and wanting and hoping, you need the strength to stop. There is a need for increase in energy, you need an energy that will make you live above those things.
    importance of mind muscles
 one thing  the muscles does is eat up fat, during training, they encourage people to exercise with dumbbells to build up muscles. what you need do is to build up muscles in the mind to eat up all those things that are obstructing your firmness. you can like to change all you want, if you don't build mind muscles, sorry no change can take place in your life, you would keep repeating cycle, because a trained mind is needed to make decisions.
 "guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life"ps.4:23
  my trainer was my inspiration, because she said wonderful things about me it encouraged me to continue moving despite the pain and she also directed me and supervised me. According to the above passage, the life and reality you are experiencing is as a result of your thought, this wonderful quote is from the word GOD which is our number 1 mind muscle builder. if you focus on your weakness and excuses you remain powerless and your motion to greatness remains at rest, but if you focus on God's love for you, you keep meditating on the nice words he has spoken about you and his direction for your life, it will energize your mind and this will quicken you to rise above weakness. The power of our mind translates the ability to focus on greatness.