Saturday, December 13, 2014

The blame game

It's always easy to blame someone else or outside force for our actions. we hear people tell us all the time "my father never said nice words to me". "my uncle abused me". "i grew up in an unpleasantly rough environment". "people always talk me down". "nobody encouraged me". "nobody cares about me". "i trusted X and X hurt me".
  This situations are of course very sad, and its terrible to have to go through all this in live, but its not an excuse to remain in bondage neither is it enough reason to blame people for our behavior.
Do you realize that whatever situation  they put you in is not their set back neither does it stop them from being greater? stop complaining and telling everyone how they made you stagnant or how they made you approach life negatively, it never helps.
   2corinthians 12:9 "my grace is made sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness"
 Instead of ACCEPTING there is a problem, there is a weakness, there is something not right, we make our problems and weaknesses our greatest excuse. This is soo wrong, no matter what happens, we should not make any excuse to remain stagnant, we might be weak but God is strong and he is willing to strengthen us in our weaknesses. If we will trust him and accept there is a weakness, he will help us break free from it.
  During the summer period, i went to a bookshop to print out my slides using a flash drive, apparently their system had virus, unknowingly, i inserted my flash drive into their system and the virus was transferred, i went home and inserted the same flash drive into my system and the virus was transferred into my system.This affected my system, each time i turned it on, it took forever to boot, my internet was slow, i will save documents and they are no where to be found, everything about my system was slow, i was just struggling with the system only me, it was annoying, i knew there was a  problem, for close to a month i kept on complaining, telling everyone "that annoying bookshop transferred virus into my flash drive, my system got the virus and now its acting slow, i can't do anything with it, my lab reports are pending..blablabla" and they will say "aiyaa sorry, i can imagine how annoying". instead of looking for someone to install anti-virus, i was playing the blame game, so that they will know why i couldn't be efficient.
     Isn't that sometimes how it works with God's people? we know the way of escape but we seem paralyzed or we blame someone or something for our inability to move or we are too lazy to move.
   Now back to my system, i was too busy, i couldn't make out time to fix it, but the longer the virus stayed on my system the more damage it caused, the slower it became, the more ineffective and the more frustrated i felt. after a while, it occurred to me that if i didn't do anything about the situation, my system was soon gonna crash, when it was getting to  that, i looked for help and fortunately i got helped by a friend, who installed anti virus and now my system is perfect. This is the same  thing with us, we are too busy or lazy to tell God to help us out in our weaknesses and because of that we are frustrated, vulnerable, weak and ineffective in life.
Just as the anti-virus installed in my system cleared the virus which was making the system weak, slow and ineffective, that is how God's power clears our weaknesses which limits us in life from achieving all we are suppose to achieve, just as i had to take responsibility to ask someone to install anti-virus to clear the virus in my system, we HAVE TO take responsibility to ask God to help us out in our weaknesses and stop shifting blames, looking for pity or ignoring situations, we need to believe the power of God's word that declares that He will deliver us from every challenge.
    Every area of your life that you are struggling with In Jesus name you are set free. And it is done.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

put off the old : put on the new

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 Ephesians 4:22-24 put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires, to be made new in the ATTITUDE of the MINDS, and to put on the new self, created to be like GOD in true righteuosness and holiness.

     Recently, i had a fight with one of my close friends, she didnt apologise neither did i apologise to her, we would actually see ourselves in school and  walk pass, we would be with other friends and not talk to each other, that went on for quite sometime, a friend even approached me to talk about the whole drama:
friend: this is gettting too long, i think you guys should have a talk
maria: na its okay, i feel peace, i really dont want a talk
friend: okay
maria: the truth is that i actually made a DECISION to be on my own, because we dont get along, we always fight and argue, and it drains my energy and all so lets remain like this.
friend: i can understand
         who can relate? hahahahahahahahahahaha
   one random sunday i decided to talk with my friend, so i went to her room, apologised and she said "na.....i am not upset with you, i just decided to stay on my own". exactly the same thing i said, and i said to her, thats a wrong approach girl, i thought that way too but that's totally wrong.
     So many times we make emotional decisions,  we make decisions based on how we feel not because it is actually what we want. we just want to get rid of that person, we just want to stop talking, we just want to be on our own, we just want to be over the friendship, we just want to let go and all... Truely its very necesary to make the decision of letting some kind of people leave our lives, when people always threaten to walk away from your life, its also okay to make the decision of letting them go because your destiny is not tied to the people that left, if you try to make it work and it does not work its not an accident, its okay to make the decision to clap your hands, wash your face, dance and keep moving. BUT why do you actually make the decisions you make?
  because they offended you?
 did you think about letting go when things were right
 or you are too lazy to make it right? 
 or its not worth it?
  you've tried your best and its not good enough?
  its too complicated?
  its draining your energy?
  their season in your life is over?
  or they dont want you?
what ever your reason is for making a decision, how you go about it matters. If you want a strong relationship dont treat people in a disposable way. you cant just make a decision in your heart to stay away just by yourself without having a talk with whoever you want to stay away from, there has to be a talk, there has to be an end in the relationship. if there was a quarel it should be resolved, if there was a complication it should be simplified, if you are tired, or their season in your life is over or they offended you or your relationship with them is draining your energy it should be communicated to  them peacefully afterwards you can move on with your new decision. my point is that, you should excuse yourself out of a relatiomship peacefully and dont walk out on people.
     It is necesary because if you dont put off the old you cant put on the new, Jesus had to put off the old so that we could have the new. Apart from this when we actually talk about our pain or our decision, it will be made new in the attitude of our  mind. instead of handling it with a clouded mind and with so much misunderstanding, we would have a new mind about it and if we have a new mind about it, we would have a new life about it, it is also necesary because when you talk about it, it looses its power, its depth and its complication, you realise it was never that deep, lastly when you talk about it, YOU PUT OFF  your old thougth and PUT ON a new thought.... its always anti-toxic to deal with issues before making decisions because it keeps our minds, thoughts, hearts healthy and very toxic to make decisions based on how we feel because it keeps our minds, thoughts and hearts polluted and very unhealthy


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Saturday, October 25, 2014

fleeting "love"

first of all, love has nothing to do with emotions 
love is a choice
love is the response to understanding the value of a thing
love is a law and law has no feelings
love is a force generated by decisions
love has no reason 
 I actually didnt plan to write today, i was just discussing with myself and my journal, i found it really interesting so i decided to share. the question that actually led to the whole discussion was 
      "why is it so difficult to love everybody?" 
The truth is that some people could be soo difficult and some other people do not accept love. Apart from this two reasons which we always tag on our minds. the general answer to this question is most of us dont love ourselves.
    Before we can ever think of loving people, we have to think of loving ourselves first. when it comes to LOVE it is YOU  first before anybody. This statement sounds selfish right? but calm down cause it has nothing to do with being sefish, its a simple fact. here is the why
   " mark 12:31 love your neighbor as YOURSELF "
 it means you have to love yourself first before you can love your neighbor. it means the way you treat yourself is the model you use to treat your neighbor. i will explain this point better.. my point is still not as clear as i want it to be. loool 
   I asked myself.. so now ask yourself; 
how can i be patient with someone else when i am not even patient with myself to learn about me, to be responsible for me and to make the best decision for me?
how can i be kind to someone else when being kind to myself for a good reason is a probability?
how can i speak to others nicely, when i dont even listen to myself speak to myself?
how can i manage anger when people hurt me, when i cant help being mad at myself when i do something wrong? 
how can i forgive others, when i have all my wrongs written in my heart or a journal and i feel i dont deserve to be forgiven by God or by myself?
how can i persevere with what people do to me, when i cant even persevere for just a while to get the best in life.
 you get my point? i didnt just ask this questions from my head, i got it from the characteristics of love written in the word of God. Galatians 13:4-7 you can look at it again because i didnt write all. always careful to keep my articles as short as possible that why.. as i was saying...
 If your love forself cant keep you going, it cant keep your relationship with others going. 
 if you dont love yourself this way as the bible has directed, maybe you hate yourself... and if you hate yourself, you hate your neighbor just the way you hate yourself.
 in your relationship, you will hate your partner just the way you hate yourself, you will fight people the way you fight yourself, you will be upset at peopl just the way you get upset at ypurself, you wont forgive people just the way you dont forgive yourself, you will keep records of their wrongs just the way you keep records of your wrongs. 
 learn to love you... check yourself out, ask yourself, do i love myself enough and the answer lyes in the way you treat people. 
  lastly Love is not amongs the gift of the spirit, so its not a gift, God is LOVE so love is a person and we can receive the person by receiving His spirit (spirit of GOD) and the only way we can receive the spirit of God is accepting Jesus as our Lord and personal savior, and you might have the spirit of God but you dont still express love. why?because you are not taking advantage of the spirit of God. how? by not giving him a chance to teach you? what do i mean? when last did you study your bible? when last did you pray for true understading of the word of God? when last did you ask the holyspirit to teach you how to love? when last did you think loving is necesary? when last did you consider loving people as God's will for you?
    And to correct my title there is no such thing as fleeting love, that was why i wrote the love in quote. love is long lasting, very sweet, wonderful and interestingly deeplyand it always works. But when we try to love and it does not seem to be lasting or working, its not love. love always works if we follow the right way.... i love you even though i dont know you reader....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



okay this has a whole lot to do with my past, i was encouraged to share it because i feel it is something so many people are going through. i met this dude like some years back, we became friends, really close friends at that, i enjoyed every bit of his atten
tion, he seemed very perfect and fitted my personality accurately, i didn't enjoy being with anyone else like i enjoyed being with him, every single day of my life was about him bla bla bla and bla of such.. along the way we parted ways and the feeling of loneliness grasped me. it was not a situation of me not having other friends, it  was more like amidst other people i was lonely, it was an inner feeling, inside of me i knew i wanted something more than what was available, i needed something more than people around, more than my phone, more than 24hours internet, more than encouraging words, more than inspirational books, more than long speeches, morethan theories and believes.. I NEEDED SOMETHING within. knowing that loneliness was a signal that something from within was empty, starving, craving and  needed to be subjugated, needed satisfaction and honestly it needed GOD, once i got down on my knees and said to God  "lord break that abnormal attachment, although you want us to love one another and to depend on one another, i sure know you don't want me addicted to anyone, Lord i need you to fill my emptiness, i need you to take away this horrible feeling of lonliness because it makes me feel rejected, misunderstood, sick, odd, out of place, Lord comfort me with the comfort of the Holy ghost". Once i prayed this way my deliverance started and with time i became whole. i shared my story not because its soo touching, deep, extreme or up to yours or more than yours....i just did to let YOU know that I agree with you that loneliness exist and i have experienced it and i am now telling you that it does'nt matter how long you've been lonely or what put you in that state of loneliness and i also want YOU to know that i believe what "works for me might not work for YOU", almost perfectly correct WHY? because GOD works for everybody. if he can fill my emptiness with HIS FULLNESS He can and He will fill your emptiness with HIS FULLNESS all you need to do is surrender yourself to him and say "Lord please fill my emptiness with your fullness" and it is done. This is real... i love you and i am praying for you... thanks for reading.. my blog

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I wanna be real beautiful

beauty is outward and inward
beauty is flesh and spirit 
beauty comes from your inner chasis 
beauty is truth's smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror
beauty is a light in the heart
beauty is endless 
beauty is physical 
    in our beauty obsessed culture, every time we open a magazine, turn on tv, search internet, watch movies, we see how far our personal reality is from the standard perpetuated by the media because of this we are dissatisfied with who we are, full of jealousy, envy, competition nobody can win, endless chase. i personally longed and hungered for beauty and i began to tell GOD "LORD I WANNA BE REAL BEAUTIFUL''. Telling God i wanted to be real beautiful was one of the best step i ever took because He opened my eyes to realities that brought light into my heart, peace into my mind,  and introduced smile in my soul. I say REALITY because it was beyond knowledge, it was beyond understanding, it was beyond thoughts,it was so REAL that it transformed my memoir, my existence, my biography...
 I realized that beauty is a chain that starts from inside and ends outside:
 beauty is giving your life to Christ, giving your life to Christ is letting love into your life, letting love into your life is same as letting the spirit of God into your life, letting the spirit of God into your life means you have to submit to let Him rule, letting Him rule is Letting Him to mold you, letting Him mold you is letting Him lighten up your character, letting Him lighten up your character is letting Him reflect His glory through you, letting Him reflect His glory through you is reflecting a beauty that does not get shabby, frayed, it is reflecting a beauty that transmutes life, it is reflecting a beauty that will foster other beauties.
  when this reality dawned on me, i began speaking myself out of wrong mindset and started preaching real beauty to myself...I encourage YOU breakout of insecurity, let GOD in to preach beauty to you so you can re-preach to yourself and other folks around you..
                                                                                                               Maria Itodo


Saturday, September 20, 2014


   Royalty is a usage based payment made by one party (the "License") to another (the "Licensor") for the right to ongoing use of an asset.

   To be royalty is indeed to be very privileged. I used to think that royals enjoy lavish lifestyles in opulent palaces, with countless servants on hand to take care of their every need. I used to imagine royals as those that wear purple clothes and jewelries made with real gold and silver. well this is not a wrong description of someone from a royal family but my imagination disqualified me from this category of being "Royal" ... until i realized it was more than this. 

   Royalty according to the scriptures did something for me that qualified me into the royal family. The Royalty of Jesus Christ who paid the price for me to enjoy the kingdom life, He took away our sins and it's power which made us slaves and gave us His life, ... wow. His royal life which qualified me to be Royal. The day i realized this i started calling myself royalty.

   In Christ, royalty means living right, thinking right, acting right, being in charge, not letting the things of this world take a hold of you, being full of good character, carrying yourself with so much dignity, not mingling around wrongs, not letting bad corrupt your character. This is how i see royalty. When you live the kingdom life, the Christ like life which is the royal life, people will treat you with so much dignity respect, value and you won't need to employ servants to serve you like the worldly royal families, but people will serve you without you asking them to serve.
   If you have the life of Christ, you are royalty ..., look at yourself in the mirror and say "I might not be Queen Elizabeth and her family who frequently take trips on board Britannica, the royal yacht, but I am Royalty and today i would take a trip that would draw me closer to Christ. I might not be wearing the most clothes, carrying the most expensive phone, driving the most expensive car, living in the most expensive house, but I am royalty because Christ has given me His life - I AM ROYALTY, i don't care what you think about me, it's what i know about me and all i know is I AM ROYALTY"
Maria Itodo