Friday, March 20, 2015

Access to change

lets stop blaming Adam and Eve for their actions,
 every havoc they caused, Jesus fixed.
Jesus reversed every curse,
 He reunited us with God. 
Every curse has become a Blessing 
We have access to all the trees in the garden
Trees in the bible signify greatness
you can eat of the tree of success, joy, peace
abundance, authority, LOVE
The tree of Life which is greater than all trees is made accessible
The tree of life signify living God's way of life 
It is for free of charge. you don't need to pay for it 
Jesus paid for it already
living God's way of life is not just accessible to Men of God
It is made available for you too 
victory is made available for you 
Joy is made available 
Peace is made available for you 
Right living is made available
  So many times i hear people say i am a man or woman under God's construction
that is nepios statement. you are not ready for change because it does not take God years or centuries to construct anyone. He is done with his construction work and He has made it available to you. 
 let me give an illustration, you payed to start gym. once you pay, you have access to the gym, every single gym equipment is made available to you,its your choice to use them or not to use them, you cant start blaming the gym accountant if you don't build up because you refuse to use the gym equipment. That's same with God, Jesus has paid the price, we have access to God's way of life,
we have access to peace, joy, selfcontrol, greatness, riches, abundance, authority, holiness, every single thing. 
you have access to change..
once you make up your mind, start using everything made available to you by Jesus
start using the opportunity to have constant fellowship with God, His word, start living His life.
 It is possible everything is possible.

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  1. Kia, this girl you can write, sometimes I wonder the type of brain God has given you. I was blessed by this piece. Keep it up, ur write ups are really inspiring.