Saturday, October 25, 2014

fleeting "love"

first of all, love has nothing to do with emotions 
love is a choice
love is the response to understanding the value of a thing
love is a law and law has no feelings
love is a force generated by decisions
love has no reason 
 I actually didnt plan to write today, i was just discussing with myself and my journal, i found it really interesting so i decided to share. the question that actually led to the whole discussion was 
      "why is it so difficult to love everybody?" 
The truth is that some people could be soo difficult and some other people do not accept love. Apart from this two reasons which we always tag on our minds. the general answer to this question is most of us dont love ourselves.
    Before we can ever think of loving people, we have to think of loving ourselves first. when it comes to LOVE it is YOU  first before anybody. This statement sounds selfish right? but calm down cause it has nothing to do with being sefish, its a simple fact. here is the why
   " mark 12:31 love your neighbor as YOURSELF "
 it means you have to love yourself first before you can love your neighbor. it means the way you treat yourself is the model you use to treat your neighbor. i will explain this point better.. my point is still not as clear as i want it to be. loool 
   I asked myself.. so now ask yourself; 
how can i be patient with someone else when i am not even patient with myself to learn about me, to be responsible for me and to make the best decision for me?
how can i be kind to someone else when being kind to myself for a good reason is a probability?
how can i speak to others nicely, when i dont even listen to myself speak to myself?
how can i manage anger when people hurt me, when i cant help being mad at myself when i do something wrong? 
how can i forgive others, when i have all my wrongs written in my heart or a journal and i feel i dont deserve to be forgiven by God or by myself?
how can i persevere with what people do to me, when i cant even persevere for just a while to get the best in life.
 you get my point? i didnt just ask this questions from my head, i got it from the characteristics of love written in the word of God. Galatians 13:4-7 you can look at it again because i didnt write all. always careful to keep my articles as short as possible that why.. as i was saying...
 If your love forself cant keep you going, it cant keep your relationship with others going. 
 if you dont love yourself this way as the bible has directed, maybe you hate yourself... and if you hate yourself, you hate your neighbor just the way you hate yourself.
 in your relationship, you will hate your partner just the way you hate yourself, you will fight people the way you fight yourself, you will be upset at peopl just the way you get upset at ypurself, you wont forgive people just the way you dont forgive yourself, you will keep records of their wrongs just the way you keep records of your wrongs. 
 learn to love you... check yourself out, ask yourself, do i love myself enough and the answer lyes in the way you treat people. 
  lastly Love is not amongs the gift of the spirit, so its not a gift, God is LOVE so love is a person and we can receive the person by receiving His spirit (spirit of GOD) and the only way we can receive the spirit of God is accepting Jesus as our Lord and personal savior, and you might have the spirit of God but you dont still express love. why?because you are not taking advantage of the spirit of God. how? by not giving him a chance to teach you? what do i mean? when last did you study your bible? when last did you pray for true understading of the word of God? when last did you ask the holyspirit to teach you how to love? when last did you think loving is necesary? when last did you consider loving people as God's will for you?
    And to correct my title there is no such thing as fleeting love, that was why i wrote the love in quote. love is long lasting, very sweet, wonderful and interestingly deeplyand it always works. But when we try to love and it does not seem to be lasting or working, its not love. love always works if we follow the right way.... i love you even though i dont know you reader....


  1. Amazing and true lord help me to love me selflessly

  2. Yes royalty.. He is always ready to help you to love yourself because he wants you to love yourself more than you want to love yourself. Thanks for reading this post. Please encourage others to read it aswell.