Wednesday, October 15, 2014



okay this has a whole lot to do with my past, i was encouraged to share it because i feel it is something so many people are going through. i met this dude like some years back, we became friends, really close friends at that, i enjoyed every bit of his atten
tion, he seemed very perfect and fitted my personality accurately, i didn't enjoy being with anyone else like i enjoyed being with him, every single day of my life was about him bla bla bla and bla of such.. along the way we parted ways and the feeling of loneliness grasped me. it was not a situation of me not having other friends, it  was more like amidst other people i was lonely, it was an inner feeling, inside of me i knew i wanted something more than what was available, i needed something more than people around, more than my phone, more than 24hours internet, more than encouraging words, more than inspirational books, more than long speeches, morethan theories and believes.. I NEEDED SOMETHING within. knowing that loneliness was a signal that something from within was empty, starving, craving and  needed to be subjugated, needed satisfaction and honestly it needed GOD, once i got down on my knees and said to God  "lord break that abnormal attachment, although you want us to love one another and to depend on one another, i sure know you don't want me addicted to anyone, Lord i need you to fill my emptiness, i need you to take away this horrible feeling of lonliness because it makes me feel rejected, misunderstood, sick, odd, out of place, Lord comfort me with the comfort of the Holy ghost". Once i prayed this way my deliverance started and with time i became whole. i shared my story not because its soo touching, deep, extreme or up to yours or more than yours....i just did to let YOU know that I agree with you that loneliness exist and i have experienced it and i am now telling you that it does'nt matter how long you've been lonely or what put you in that state of loneliness and i also want YOU to know that i believe what "works for me might not work for YOU", almost perfectly correct WHY? because GOD works for everybody. if he can fill my emptiness with HIS FULLNESS He can and He will fill your emptiness with HIS FULLNESS all you need to do is surrender yourself to him and say "Lord please fill my emptiness with your fullness" and it is done. This is real... i love you and i am praying for you... thanks for reading.. my blog

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  1. Great write up. I believe what people are longing for is a sense of belonging, they want to belong somewhere, they want to be accepted by someone, they want to be loved by someone, and when they don't get these they feel this emptiness called loneliness. Loneliness is an emotion but it's spiritual, God created man for relationship with Him, and nothing, absolutely nothing in this world can replace that hole in the heart of man that God meant for Himself to fill. Everyone will feel lonely if they don't have Jesus Christ in their life, one can be in a crowd and feel lonely, one can organize a birthday party to have friends come and celebrate him and yet still long for something, a relationship, not a relationship with the opposite sex, but a relationship with Jesus Christ. Emotions change, when someone tries to fill in that emptiness with a boyfriend - girlfriend relationship, after a while their emotions will change and they will find themselves lonely even though they are together. The solution is Jesus Christ, when one has Jesus Christ in his life, he can be alone and not be lonely.