Wednesday, April 15, 2015

stop stealing glances

i was faced with a challenge sometime ago
i spoke about it to my friends they couldn't help
i prayed about it, God spoke to me but i ignored it cause it wasn't what i wanted at the moment
i thought deeply about the situation, thoughts only drained my energy
it was strange, i couldn't just understand why i was not able to deal with it
everything felt wrong 
i picked up my pen and my journal and asked God to speak to me again about the situation
and He took me to  Mathew 14:29-30 
verse 30 says when peter SAW the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, lord, save me.
  so many times we are praying to God for help, but our eyes are somewhere else, we are saying Lord bring me out of it, but we are stealing glances at it, you are saying father i dont wanna be hear anymore, but every single time you think, look, speak, its about that place 
 where your focus is, your heart magnifies, you cant magnify things without focus
God wants to raise us up but we are too comfortable complaining
God wants to express his perfect love, but we are craving for man's imperfect love
the challenge is not really the problem
the pain is not really the problem
the delay is not really the problem 
the main problem is our readiness to step out of a situation 
the problem is we want our feelings,thoughts, state of mind to control the situation morethan we want God to control the situation
the problem is the fear to change
the problem is we don't hate the condition more than we want the change 
the problem is the direction of our focus
the problem is where the treasure lye
the problem is its too good to let go but if you don't let go something good causing a major harm, you cant get the best. "you cant put old wine into new wine skin"
 we need to change where the treasure lye so that our heart will change location of its magnification. 
we need to trust God to fix things perfectly, we need to get over the fear of, if we lean on God we would loose ''something". focusing on the problem creates a state of impossibility, focusing on God creates a channel of endless possibility.
we need to trust God more.
focus on what God can do concerning the situation and not what the situation is doing to you.


  1. This is a really beautiful and inspiring piece, I was so blessed especially"focus on what God can do concerning the situation and not what the situation is doing to you". Really beautiful!