Sunday, October 4, 2015


According to biblical record, there is a pool in Jerusalem called Bethesda, in this pool lay a great multitude of people, the blind, lame, paralyzed waiting for the water to move. An angel went down the pool and stirred it at a particular season whosoever went down the pool first after the stirring is made whole. John5:1-5
    while i read the scripture i looked out to see if they mentioned the content in the pool of bethesda that the angel went to stir, but i didnt get any of such information. The scripture mentioned that once the angel stirred the water, the first entered and received healing. from my personal analogy, i assumed that once the angel stirred the water, the first person got into the water and contacted every content stirred out of the water and got healed as a result.
   WOW..... great scripture
   i want you to say this words slowly and carefully..... i have every content i need for Life and Godliness all i need is a stirring....
      i dont care what the condition is or the challenge is, you dont need more laying of hands, you dont need more prophecies, you dont need more sympathies, you dont need more excuses... what you need is just to stir that thing in you.. "they waited for the water to move" that means as long as the pool water was still it didnt bring forth result...... heyyyyyyyy trouble the God given annointing in... stirr the healing power in you, stir the fruit of the spirit in you... stir until something happens...
      i am not a bit surprised when people go to church and they cry while worshipping or make decisions to be better people or pray with their whole heart, or get new revelation for their life ....and all of that...then just after the service or before the week runs out, their lives go back to normal, no change is evident... its simply because there was a moment of stirring while in church and after that moment in His Presence, the content that provoked the act settles back in them....
     i need you to know that everything you need in the life is in you.... just take your time and stir it out... stir the talent, stir that good character, stir that prosperity that Christ has put in you... in you lies  RIVERS of living water, not even a pool.. trouble the water.. let it flow.. let the water gush out into every part of your life.... the rivers in you are too still, the content needs to be shaken.... STIRRRRRR
                            HOW CAN I STIR??
There are lots of ways to stir the God given content but i would list this basic ones.. and i am sure of your testimony: Read God's word and understand it(very important you understand what God's word says about you), prayer and intense worship. This would give your life a meaning
                            THANKS FOR READING.
                             I LOVE YOU.


  1. Very interesting read... very important to stir what's within us. I'm inspired Ori. Thanks for letting the holy spirit use you to speak to us (P.S: I could feel your passion in how you wrote) ;)

  2. Really nice piece...I agree with what u said about all we need is in you cause 2peter1:3 says so. Maria am really blessed keep this up.