Monday, July 20, 2015

Royal law........

Hello... I am so sorry, I know it's been long since I came here...
Okay lemme share a bit of my thought with you.
  Sometime ago, my friend posted something on her profile.. It read "Queens don't chase, because when they do, their crowns fall off"... First expression was Wow... Nice... But my second thought cut the expreasion short... Which was
  KINGS also wear if Queens don't chase because their crowns will fall, Kings are also not suppose to chase cause their crowns will also fall...considering the fact that they even wear heavier crowns....
 So who is now suppose to chase... For close to 10mins I had no answer... But after thinking for a while... I got an answer and it is really simple....
 This was where my answer came from.... Christ came to the world for his bride, and Christ who is the groom is a a matter of fact, the king of all kings... When he came to the world, he didnt come with his crown, he didn't come with his title, he came as a mere man, dressed in the best attire to get his target which was his bride... And once he achieved that, he went back to his kingdom and continued living as a King....and the other details follow..
     Kings don't go after their brides with their crowns or title or their right.... Christ illustrated that perfectly for us...they remove their crowns before going for their search...
   ladies are not designed to run after guys or chase after guys in anyway.. Hey beautiful lady... You can't have him that way, even if you get can't keep him for long.. What happens when you chase after a guy is your crown falls and you loose your beauty in his sight... Your glory is robbed off... Chasing him will never work my darling..
This is the life of a queen..
   Hi king, taking off your crown and going after a lady does not be little you, it does not make you less of a King, it does not reduce your title, after christ did what he did for his bride, when he won her, His bride saw the king in Him, worshipped him and adored him..
This is the life of a King...
Okay byeee I didn't want to write plenty complicate the simple truth..I hope this is clear enough.. I love you


  1. Amazing!!!
    We should truly follow in His footsteps all the way. Kings put your crowns aside, queens present yourselves whole instead of chasing.
    Thanks for this Maria😃

  2. Really nice piece...I will put of my crown n go after my bride (lol)