Thursday, October 29, 2015

why struggle?

Maria: i knew i was going to find a cheap iron here... why will they tell me iron cost this much.. lets go for the one that cost less.
Abimbola: I think we should just get other things and when we get money we will come back to get the expensive iron 
Maria: bimbo... naaaaaa why should we come back when they serve the same purpose, its an iron, it will definitely be hot... so lets pick it
Abimbola: OKAY
Maria: YEA... 
    We finally got the iron...and i was very excited... "yes......we got the iron, i am excited about it, i can't wait to make use of it"...... and i said this over and over again while we headed home... 
  here is my TO DO LIST for the next day 
Go to school in the morning 
come back home during break 
iron your lab coat for todays lab
eat your lunch 
use the next bus back to school
    so yea i came back home during the break to iron my lab coat with my new iron that i couldnt wait to use...... i set the table, ready to iron... i put the iron on for close to 10mins... it was just warm... i put it on my lab cloth and tried ironing... it was wasting my time.... it was just warm...i was getting really impatient with it..i tried and tried and tried, it just managed to make the lab coat less rumpled... after ironing for 30mins..all i achieved was a less rumpled cloth.... i was almost late for the bus, didnt even have the time to eat my lunch.. i just dropped the iron some where and didnt say anything about it to my room mate... LOOOLLLLL #shame#.. 
       While struggling with my iron and my lab coat... GOD now decided to be gisting with me, He said just the way you are struggling with this iron, that is the same way alot of humans are struggling to live right, struggling to be great, struggling with sin, struggling with addiction and after all the struggle, the end up with a less rumpled lives, this is becuase they are as warm as this iron. No hotness to straighten their lives... 
      The decisions we make are very important, i went for the cheaper iron believing it would serve same purpose with the expensive one which obviously would have been hotter and more effective. you dont expect to take cheap decisions and expect to get same result with a person that takes expensive decison, neither do you expect to make cheap sacrifice when you can do better and expect to get the same result as a person that went out of their way to make expensive sacrifice, live is this way... 
      Stop sturggling to be right, stop struggling to be great stop struggling to break from addictions.... STOP STRUGGLING... God did not call us to Struggle... why you are struggling is because you are lukewarm... you only struggle to straighten things when the fire to straighten it is warm... but when it is hot... it would straighten it perfectly well and in a short period of time... Long for FRESH FIRE from God..... once the FIRE is on.... life becomes very easier.. you are working hard but you are not struggling... when the FIRE is on..that is when we experince GRACE ( live above sin and struggle)
  I LOVE YOU and my desire for you is to live above STRUGGLES.... 
  I pray that the fresh fire of God to live above struggles come on you right now...AMEN as you Receive.  And remember not to make cheap decisions. 

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